Greyson Michael Chance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ellen Gave Him a Record Deal! (VIDEO)

Greyson Michael Chance made a second appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show and earned himself a record deal! You remember Greyson, right? He was the 12 year old YouTube sensation that performed Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” while playing the piano. That YouTube clip has catapulted his career in a way that even Justin Bieber would be envious of. Greyson appeared on Ellen’s show earlier in May. On that appearance, he played “Paparazzi” and spoke to Lady GaGa.

This time, Greyson Michael Chance had an even treat! Ellen DeGeneres gave him a record deal! Ellen DeGeneres said, “He inspired me to start a record label called eleveneleven. He is my first artist and we are making a record together.” Greyson was awarded $10,000 and a new piano.

Greyson Chance also gave a performance on the Ellen show. He sang, “Broken Hearts”, a song he wrote! What talent to be writing music, singing and playing the piano so well at such a young age. He’s an amazing kid and he deserves the record deal!

Congratulations Greyson Chance!

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