Grim Sleeper Photo Collection Released by Police

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Police have released the Grim Sleeper photo collection taken from a man accused in 10 South Los Angeles killings. LAPD hopes someone will recognize the women depicted in the collection of 180 photos. There may be many more victims.

The Grim Sleeper suspect, Lonnie David Franklin Jr., is also being investigated in 30 homicide cases spanning over 25 years. From 185 to 1988, Franklin is accused of killing 7 women. The killings stopped from 1988 until 2002 and resumed till 2007, according to the Los Angeles Times.

During their investigation of Lonnie David Franklin, police found over a thousand of photos and videos. Most of them depicted women partly or completely nude and striking sexually graphic poses. Police have worked for several months trying to identify the women from the images and now have decided to release 180 of them. It is their hope, family or friends of the woman pictured will contact police so they may learn who the woman are and of their current condition.

It appears, no one really knows how many women Lonnie David Franklin may have killed. Please review the complete Grim Sleeper photos, and if you have any information call the LAPD. The women killed, deserve justice. Keep in mind many of these women may still be alive and well. Police need to know that too.

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