‘Grimm’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Bad Teeth

The second season of ‘Grimm’ starts off hot and never looses the pace. Where most episodes start with a fragment of a fairy tale, this time it starts with a snippet of the famous poem by W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming. It’s appropriate because the show is dark, brooding and oh so bloody!

As usual there is the pre-credits opening that has you examining a ship without a crew in the Portland harbor, ala Dracula and with good reason. Harbor security boards the ship and sees blood pouring from under a storage door so naturally they go in and investigate; they never learn. You never see them again.

The very opening of the episode after the credits might make you think that you are watching the end of the season 1 finale; you aren’t. You are watching it from another angle and see a very creepy woman watching Nick and his battle for the coins. The assassin is knocked out by the strange creepy woman and Nick prepares to kill her when she reveals that she is his mother! She then promptly vanishes when the police arrive, reappearing once they leave. It’s pesky to have to answer police questions.

It seems dear old mum faked her death to try to protect Nick. Oh, she also makes pancakes (badly) and cleans up after the mess the night before. She just wants to get her hands on the coins and destroy them.

Nick investigates the previously mentioned vanishing security guards and finds them in the storage container in pieces. Lots of pieces. There is also some French scribbled on the wall in blood; tres chic!

Around this time you learn that Juliette is still in her coma but it’s ok because Rosealee is whipping up a potion to cure her. While she does that she runs into a Hexenbiest, the mother of the one who put Juliette into the coma. She is also trying to get the ingredients to whip up the same potion; what are the odds?

Nick takes his mom to the travel trailer he uses to store his otherworldly stuff and you learn that being a Grimm is genetic. Nick and his mom share some mother/son bonding over certain weapons and books. Nick shows her the symbols left in the bloody storage container and good old mom figures out immediately that what they are dealing with is even worse than Reapers; a Marnassier or saber toothed Wesen.

Nick and Mother decided to pay a visit to Kimura the assassin in police custody only to find that someone had poisoned him. Bodies are dropping all over the place this episode!

Problem solved: The F.B.I. show up to take over the case. Not long after that the saber tooth Wesen phones them to let them know where he is and then waits for them. The agents arrive and one is promptly killed. The other one calls Nick begging for help. Mulder and Scully would have handled it better.

Nick arrives to attempt to save the agent only to find her dead and while he is searching for the killer he gets a phone call from Rosalee telling him that the potion is ready but unstable and will only be good for the next 45 minutes. Just when it gets good the screen says: To Be Continued.

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