‘Grimm’ Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: ‘The Hour of Death’

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Grimm goes to new and even more bizarre heights in this episode. It starts out in a fairly normal and typical manner. There is a kidnapped woman whose abduction Nick and Hank are investigating. When they arrive at the home of a suspect, Nick is certain that he sees the man burning the rest of a photo of the abducted woman so they arrest the man. The guy reveals himself to be a Wessen but that isn’t enough to hold him.The problem is that they don’t have anything else on the guy, no physical evidence of any sort so he is released.

Nick knows the guy is guilty and goes to Monroe to get a truth serum of sorts. He plans to use the crossbow to get it into the guy. When he arrives at the house the guy is dead. Not only was his death brutal there is also a symbol branded into his skin. While Nick is standing there in shock, Hank arrives. He initially asks Nick what he has done but believes him when he denies killing the guy. Someone made an anonymous call into 911 and the police arrive. Nick has just enough time to hide the crossbow.

The guy being killed was taped and the video goes viral. The police ask members of the public if they know anything about the symbol and hope someone can identify it. Nick starts getting calls, one from Bud the beaver guy and one from Monroe. Both of them tell him the same thing: The symbol branded into the skin of the guy is an ancient one for the Grimms. Nick apparently has competition.

They guy was tortured and had given up the location of the abducted woman. Nick and Hank question her and learn the time she was taken and the vehicle the kidnappers used. Using that information they are able to locate the partner of the dead guy. They arrest him and while questioning him are called down to forensics. They leave the suspect in the interrogation room.

Forensics has a home run on the van: not only are the woman’s hair and fingerprints in the van but so is her purse. Nick and Hank go to charge the suspect but he is gone. They get to the suspects house and find him dead as well. Tortured and branded just like the other guy. Nick and Hank head back to the station.

When Nick arrives Bud the Beaver is there to see him. Bud says that the Wessen trust him but are scared by the branding guy. Nick assures him that it’s not him and that they will find the guy soon. Bud leaves and is abducted just outside of the building.

As soon as Bud leaves Nick and Hank are shown the security footage from the interrogation room. The now dead suspect was sitting there when the door opened. The suspect just walked out. The reflection in the door showed that the guilty party is the Intern. When Nick and Hank start looking for the guy they are told that he was trying to catch up with Bud.

Nick and Hank race to the home of the intern but he isn’t there. Then Nick calls Bud’s wife and she tells him Bud is working late. Nick and Hank get to Bud’s shop just in time and are able to save him from the intern who is actually a self-loathing Wessen!

On the Juliette front she now remembers that it was Renard that kissed her in the hospital.

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