‘Grimm’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Bad Moon Rising

The 3rd episode of Grimm starts out with a teenagers discussing her classes with her father. She is taking tough courses and her father wants her to scale it back a bit and have some fun. After all, it’s her senior year. She says good night and heads to bed. She is promptly abducted from her bedroom.

Nick is still having issues with Juliette not remembering him. It seems she can remember everything else, including the names of her animal patients from years ago, she just can’t remember Nick. Nick even brings Monroe in and she remembers him, their dinner at the house and his saving her life. She just doesn’t remember Nick in those events. Nick gets a call and leaves to join Hank at the station.

Hank is still having trouble sleeping and even freaks out while talking to his therapist. He is considering leaving the force, thinking that the job is finally getting to him. Wu asks if he knows a guy named Jarold Kampfer. Hank knows him well: it’s one of his closest friends; they played football together in High School and Hank is Godfather to the man’s daughter, Carly. Jarold is brought over to Hank and explains that Carly is missing. He is obviously extremely distraught and manages to transform a bit in front of Nick. Nick leaves to run some known perverts and instead runs to the trailer.

At the trailer Nick hooks up with Monroe to learn about Coyotls. They are essentially the street gang creeps of the Wesen; Coyote/Humans. Nick finds out about their mating ritual and that it takes place, surprise, surprise, during the full moon which just happens to be that night. Nick leaves and returns to the station.

At the station, Nick returns to find Hank and Jarold working on a list of possible contacts. Hank leaves to get Jarold some coffee and Nick makes it short and sweet: He tells Jarold that he is a Grimm, knows that he is a Coyotl and that he knows about the ritual. He’s going to help and not kill anyone. You would think that by know the word would be out about Nick, at least in Portland, considering that the beavers told everyone they could. Oh well. Jarold and Nick are discussing the family of his wife when Hank returns. Hank discovers that one of Carly’s uncles is working in Portland and the group go looking for him.

Hank and Nick visit the uncle’s place of employment to find he hasn’t been to work. They get his address and head to the apartment. Another member of the family is working there and slips out the back to warn the uncle. At the apartment, Nick and Hank find rotting animal corpses. As they are leaving, Hank sees literature about a farm in foreclosure and he, Nick and Jarold head there.

Nick and Hank tell Jarold to stay in the car because that generally works with distraught parents. Jarold almost immediately leaves the car as Nick and Hank are talking to family members. Jarold runs off trying to find Carly and Hank goes after him. Nick keeps talking to the Coyotl family from hell and a few minutes later Hank comes back and summons Nick. He has reason to believe that the family knew that they were coming. Nicks notices that the rope to the well is jerking strangely and he and Hank go over to it as Jarold runs to the family group and attacks. While they are busy dealing with him, Hank and Nick rescue Carly from the well.

The family gets the upper hand (paw?) on Jarold and begins shooting at Nick and Hank. The sweet old uncle makes them stop before they hit Carly. Nick and Hank run with Carly into the barn where Carly is freaking out in a big way. When she realizes what Nick is she freaks even worse and transforms into a Coyotl. Hank prepares to shoot her and Nick gets in front of her. Nick admits to Hank that he can see them too and the story comes out. Without a lot of time to talk and with the uncle approaching the barn to discuss the turnover of Carly to him and the cousins, Nick sets up a plan.

The uncle and cousins haven’t realized what Nick is and thinks he can transform and then kill the police. When he comes in to talk and transforms, attacking Hank, Hank knocks him down with a single punch and delivers the best line of the night “Coyotl, right? second one we’ve seen today.” They handcuff the uncle and Carly plays her part by screaming and running out of the barn. This triggers the cousins to go in and help the uncle finish off the cops. Nick and Hank arrest the cousins without further incident.

Out in the yard, Jarold has one cousin left to deal with, the one holding him at gunpoint. Jarold transforms and bites the guys arm. A fight goes on until Carly whacks her cousin in the head with a crowbar.

Later at the station Hank is taking their statements and remarks that this is the first time he can’t write everything he knows. He tells Jarold and Carly that nothing between them has changed and that he’s glad Jarold came to him.

Nick attempts to apologize to Hank for not telling him what was going on but before he can Hank tells him that it has been one of his better days. He may still be crazy but at least he is not alone.

The hospital calls and Nick is able to take Juliette home. She still doesn’t remember him but maybe familiar surroundings will help.

This is the best episode so far this season and except for the horrible opening credits, the show is getting better and with luck they will be able to improve Juliette and make her more likable as she recovers her memory.

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