Groupie Monkey's Summer Vacation- the arrival

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One June day, it happened.  I was feeling kinda down when there was a knock on the door.  It was the Federal Goverment's Travel Agent (USPS) with a package for me.  It was just what I needed to cheer me up.

GROUPIE MONKEY!!!!!  He arrived in Pensacola, Florida at last.

(i totally found it ironic that he came in a Boston Proper box)

Knowing that we had a big week ahead of us, first thing we did was take a nap.

Then later that night, we headed out to get loaded up.

First I took GM to The Oar House. (or as i like to call it, The Whore House)

It's a lovely little restaurant down by the water in a marina.

I explained to GM that he want's the fresh fish off the menu, but he prefered to catch his own.

My friend A-Train asked GM to tell the ladies he is single and waiting for them.

Next we went to the local dive called Chancey's to shoot some pool and throw some darts.  The bartender is a weird one.  She kept sipping off the PBR everytime she opened one for you.  GM was grossed out by that, so he grabbed her boob and gave it a pinch in retaliation.

Fortunately Lemmie arrived and GM got a little wild and crazy.  I think they knew each other in a former life.

Liz decided that GM needed a little bit of discipline.

after which Mason bought him a PBR for taking that kind of punishment without flinching. 

The next day, I took GM to the Florabama bar.  Can you guess where it's located?  Yup, the Florida/Alabama state line.  He went ape shit over the decor.

He kept looking for the chick with the H cup who was walking around unfettered, but we couldn't find her, so we left to go visit Lemmie at Mugs and Jugs where he was stuck working.  GM liked their beer and liqour selection.

Strange thing was The Oar House burnt down 5 days later.  GM swears he had nothing to do with it.  I still have my doubts, as he disappeared for a bit.  This is a natural thing however down here.  Beach lifestyle often makes people lose track of time and wake up in unsuspected places in the morning. 


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