Groupon IPO Announced: Will You Invest in This Company?

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A Groupon IPO, which is an initial public offering, was announced today. This company came into existence in Chicago in 2008. It now operates in 43 countries and has 83 million subscribers. This company offers discount coupons for a wide variety of products and services. Will you invest in this company’s stock?

This company’s revenue has gone way up in the past year. It has increased revenue by almost 20,000 percent in the months since June 2009. The company also had a “full-year revenue of $713.3 million for 2010 nearly compares with the $644.7 million it earned just for the first quarter of 2011,” notes the Wall Street Journal.

Is it possible to keep this kind of growth going? The buzz about this company could wear off as copycat companies arrive. However, the Groupon IPO could give the company revenue to develop exciting new programs and garner ever more loyal users.

Groupon also had a net loss in the amount of $146 million in the initial quarter of this year, and it will try to garner $750 million in the IPO. The company will use the trading symbol “GRPN.” To see a letter about the IPO, go to the Boston Globe.

There is a lot of online buzz about the coupon deals the company offers. The company did cause a bit of online chaos too with its Super Bowl ad that mentioned Tibet.

If you have used this company’s coupons, was it a positive experience? There is something fun about seeing constantly changing opportunities for discounts. This writer hasn’t used the coupons yet, but does check out the deals the company offers now and then. There are some great deals on restaurant meals. Groupon has a strong Internet presence.

It will be very interesting to see what the stock price starts at and if it climbs sharply after the Groupon IPO. It is still a young company. It will be fascinating to see how it evolves in coming years. Do you want a piece of this trendy company?

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