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Just visited an organic ginger farm today in preparation for an article about growing ginger in Hawaii and learned a lot of new things ………..I also learned some things about turmeric and will be sharing more information on uses soon

For now I want to share photos of the fresh tender ginger given to us today by Hugh, a very knowledgeable ginger grower, and to show what a clump of turmeric looks like.


Fresh and tender ginger – this is the kind of ginger used for pickling that is served more commonly with sushi.  We were also told today that you can infuse honey with this tender ginger….should be great for sweetening teas!

Ginger has both culinary and medicinal uses.



Clump of turmeric given to us by another friend.  We will be dividing the clump into the little pieces and using them for “seed’ to plant our new white turmeric patch.  We have one already that blooms with pink flowers.


Turmeric is also used extensively for both culinary and medicinal uses.  It is also used for dyeing clothing as it stains everything it touches a beautiful shade of yellow…

I’m writing an article on growing ginger in Hawaii for publication in a Hawaii foodie magazine and will share it after it is published.


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