Gruesome Details Surface in Lauren Giddings Disappearance and Murder

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Lauren Giddings was only missing for about a week before police discovered the dismembered body of a woman outside of the missing student’s apartment. DNA evidence has confirmed that the body is that of Lauren Giddings, but the details surrounding the woman’s disappearance and murder have proven sparse. Investigators admit that they’re remaining tight-lipped on some details because some of them would only be known by the person responsible for this gruesome act of violence.

Some disturbing details have surfaced pertaining to the murder of Lauren Giddings. It was previously reported that police wouldn’t comment on the exact condition of the mutilated remains they discovered last week. However, today it has been revealed that the body was completely dismembered.

Police discovered only the torso of Lauren Giddings, wrapped in a bag outside of her apartment. Now, nobody has mentioned this before in the mainstream media, so maybe this will get people’s attention:

This looks like the work of someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Karen Giddings, the mother of Lauren Giddings, made a few comments today that doesn’t jive well with the evidence discussed by the media and investigators. She feels that “Lauren didn’t know what hit her”—that this was a random act of violence.

Why, then, would the perpetrator leave only the torso, right back at the home of the missing woman? Why wouldn’t he or she leave all the body parts, or at least some? Why would the perp even return to the scene at all? This appears to be a textbook example of a serial killer who is taunting investigators, letting them know that he (or she) is leaving them clues for his or her pleasure.

Perhaps it is time for investigators to look at the possibility of this scenario, if they haven’t looked into it already.

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