GTA 5 Update: New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Pre-Order Images Leak Online

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With the GTA 5 release date now set for some time in spring and pre-orders about to begin, there’s been new “Grand Theft Auto V” images leaked online. The images have shown up at a variety of websites including a GTA forum, showcasing some of the new locations that will be part of this upcoming title, thanks to special viewing souvenirs that those who pre-order the game will get.

According to someone at the NEOGAF forum has uploaded five leaked images for the new video game which are seen inside a special Los Santos Photo Viewer, as well as other promotional items from a retailer for the new GTA game. The main images appear postcard style to reveal messages from different locations which will be in the game. The first promotional image shows a person skydiving or parachuting over mountains with the text “Having fun at the Zancudo River” above them. The next image pictures a farm area with a large tractor and “Welcome to Grapeseed.” A third image says “See the stars in Vinewood Hills,” and depicts a city scene with the sun just going down or rising. Vinewood will be the alter-ego of Hollywood in the new game.

“Welcome to the Vespucci Canals” is another image and shows city skyscrapers along with palm trees. The final image says “Wish you were here Del Perro Pier,” and shows a pier on the water complete with ferris wheel and roller coaster rides as part of the attractions. Remember, these are just five locations likely to be in the new game, with many more likely to make up the entire environment used in gameplay.

Also on the forum, and at Game Informer’s article, visitors will see a letter from Rockstar Games discussing some of the new bonus pre-order items. These include the limited edition photo viewer and a poster which displays an angry man with a bat over his shoulder and a Rottweiler on a chain leash. Another image or promotional poster shows a woman being arrested by a female police officer and cuffed on the hood of an expensive car. To get the new promotional items including a free poster and the Los Santos Photo Viewer, customers need to pre-order GTA V in stores, although it’s always possible some online retailers may offer the deal.

The new promotional images have leaked not long after the release date, or release timeframe for the new “Grand Theft Auto 5″ game was announced, as retailers will be preparing displays to promote the new game. These various leaked images may or may not be seen inside the pages of the new Game Informer magazine set to arrive later this month. If not, it will give GTA fans plenty more to piece together the puzzle of what all will be going on with this brand new title, making it an exciting time for those who await its arrival. Not only that, but a second trailer could arrive at any time in the next several weeks to really drive up the demand for the game to actually hit stores and online retailers.

A YouTube member has uploaded a video showing off the new images in the game. Check them out below and feel free to comment below on the upcoming GTA 5 game. Will you be pre-ordering on November 5th?

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