GTA 5 Update: New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Screenshot Arrives Online

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In the latest GTA 5 game update, a brand new “Grand Theft Auto V” screenshot has surfaced online. The new image comes just a day ahead of the game being previewed in a new digital issue of Game Informer magazine, and a week ahead of a second game trailer. The shot reveals what appears to be a high-speed chase on the high seas of Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto VThere’s already been multiple screenshots released for the new GTA V game, including a look at various locations in the environment, and different vehicles that will be available. The newest screenshot, shown here at, reveals yet another vehicle. This time it’s a jetski. The image shows a man on a Los Santos Beach Lifeguard jetski with his gun aimed at someone behind him as he speeds through the water.

As GameRanx reminds fans, the Speedophile 2000 jetski was also shown in that first-ever GTA V game trailer. It’s unknown based on this shot if the character is one that will be on the main character’s side. Speculation now arises that this new screenshot is a teaser of what’s to come in the second trailer which arrives on November 14th. Game Informer may also have some inside info about the shot in tomorrow’s digital issue of their GTA 5 preview issue.

As more screenshots and leaked concepts from the game arrive, fans will be able to start piecing together more and more of the missions coming in the new “Grand Theft Auto” game. While it won’t be available this year, there’s plenty of time to come up with speculation on what that game will include when it’s finally available in Spring of 2013.

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