‘Guardian Angel’ Saves Motorist by ‘Teleportation’ (Video)

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An amazing video posted to YouTube purports to show a “guardian angel” saving a motorist in China from crashing into a speeding truck by teleporting the man just before the moment of impact.

The entire sequence looks to be captured on a surveillance camera monitoring a deserted intersection at night. The video, attached below, is making the rounds on the web and is going viral. Commenters are divided into two camps: true believers and scoffing hoax hunters.

Either way, the video is one of the most chilling ever posted to the web.

In it, a street scene in an unidentified city in China sees the usual late-night traffic activity with a few cars passing through a sleepy intersection. As a panel truck approaches from the north, an unsuspecting motorcyclist enters the intersection from the west, seemingly oblivious to the oncoming truck.

Just at the moment of impact a blurry figure races in from the east in a blinding flash of light. In the next second, the cyclist magically appears in a circle of light next to the far right corner sidewalk as a hooded woman calmly walks away.

The dazed cyclist falls over on his side as the confused truck driver makes a half-hearted attempt to check on his condition. The sequence ends with the hooded girl walking out of the shot without accepting any thanks.

This video is almost certainly a very sophisticated technological hoax, achieved with admirable skill. All the standard elements of a surveillance camera system seem unaffected by manipulation, such as a gap in the time sequence counted by the clock.

The participants, if they’re actors, all appear to be playing their parts with skill. The moment of “teleportation”, when freeze-framed, includes a suitably brilliant flash of light as the cyclist disappears. The circle of light he drops into is a nice, spooky touch. And the truck driver and lucky cyclist both appear dazed and bewildered.

Still, comments on the channel indicate there are a good number of people willing to believe a real “guardian angel” has been caught on tape. The nighttime surveillance camera is the perfect vehicle for making it appear this is a case of the supernatural being caught on tape with today’s advanced, unblinking technology.

Why an angel would swoop down and save the life of this particular motorist is troubling. Didn’t he see the truck coming? Why aren’t more bad drivers saved from this fate on streets all around the world?

Whatever the outcome, this video is well deserving of its viral status. If it isn’t true, it’s at least very entertaining and accomplished with consummate technical skill.

Here’s the video:

Image courtesy of ash0707 on YouTube

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