Guardian Angel

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I see the sun is shining,

in fact warm’ and pleasant’

I tell myself that ‘You have told God’

Mom loves nice sunny days…

and open’ green meadows…

I know You will watch over me

There’s  no need to ask..

You will not fail ‘ You will ‘Keep me safe’ at last..

from all harm “No big task.

And in Your own way,

that is what you are doing.

Through God’ you are my protector’

day after day.

Night after night…

Not quite what I had in mind.

I had always pictured you here’

in the physical sense’

But love is blind..

Please … don’t ever leave me’

Never go away..

Even if only in spirit

‘ That will be okay..

When there is a ” pleasant” surprise

‘ It makes me want to pray..


I know in my heart,

That it is You’

that sent it my way’

so that I know’

that You, are okay..

There isn’t many reasons to smile”

But through the weather and little things’

You found some way’

to make me grin…

So please keep doing these little things’

That catch me off guard,

And make my heart sing’

With Gods help’

And your hand a pond,My heart’

You are My “guardian angel”

Right from the start…

By:Kay Garrod

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