Gucci Mane A Murderer? Rumors Swirling That He Killed A Man In Prison

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Gucci Mane hasn’t had a good year. The rapper has been arrested, hated on by former friends and gone to jail. Now it appears that he may be facing  a lot more time if the newest rumors have any truth to them.

According to reports, Gucci didn’t want his cell mate getting too touchy-feely with him and somehow he ended up killing the guy. Did this really happen? Who knows. You’d think that if it did though, that it would be all over the news.

All Hip Hop is saying that the rumor is pure BS and it definitely might be just that. After all, Gucci Mane makes headlines for just about everything — from his rants to his music — so there’s not even a doubt that if he did actually kill someone while in jail, every single gossip site would have heard about it by now.

What do you think? Is Gucci capable of murder?


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