Gucci Mane Kills Cellmate, Faces Twenty Years: What’s the Truth?

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Gucci Mane, what happened to you? The Atlanta rapper has had a series of issues throughout 2013 and apparently, they are going to carry on over to 2014. 

Rumors have been swirling that Gucci killed his cellmate while in jail and is facing 20 years behind bars, but only half of that is true. According to reports, the murder is a rumor but the 20 years is a fact.

That’s got to be a big blow, bruh.

Gucci was locked up after being convicted of felony gun possession and pulling a gun on police and his attorney. He was a felon at the time, which means that each time he pulled a gun he could face 10 years behind bars. So, the 20-year sentence is true but it is not for murder. Instead it’s for stupidity on Gucci’s part.

Do you think Gucci Mane will be behind bars for 20 years or will he get off and end up in rehab?

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