Guilt-Ridden Justin Bieber Apologizes to His Fans

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In a recent interview, Justin Bieber apologized to his fans for a series of public faux pas which have apparently been haunting him. In an interview with Complex Magazine, the Teen Dream talked about 2 incidents in particular that he felt he’d handled inappropriately. He felt he’d let his beliebers down. Or even sullied their pristine image of him.

The first incident happened in late January when JB raced through an airport in Nice, France, ignoring the crowds of fans who had assembled in the airport. Some of the French beliebers had travelled long distances and waited for hours to catch a glimpse of their idol–only to be left hanging. Some devastated fans even described the incident and their deep disappointment online. In his Complex Magazine interview, Justin made it clear that he didn’t ignore them deliberately

“The cameramen were waiting for me to come out of the car,” he explained. “They thought it was going to be a minute, so they had their cameras down. I sprinted right by them, and they didn’t get any shots of me. I didn’t see the girls there, and it made me look awful.”


The second incident occurred on Biebs’ 18th birthday on March 1. He flipped the paparazzi “the bird” when he was with Selena Gomez. He later regretted making the “uncool” obscene gesture.

“I probably shouldn’t have done that,” JB admitted, adding, “It was what it was. I’m not hiding from anyone. I am who I am, and I’m not perfect. I don’t want to give these kids the wrong impression. If they learn that from me, that’s not good.”

So, there you have it. Justin Bieber is to be commended for his sensitivity to the feelings of others–even the paparazzi. They’re doing their jobs like everyone else. And it was wonderful of him to apologize once again to his French fans. Although he had apologized before, it was good of him to explain how and why the faux pas happened.

As for the message the beliebers might learn from their idol, he’s showing them he’s human, and as such he makes mistakes. The important thing is that he’s man enough to recognize and admit those mistakes. That’s probably the most important message of all.

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