Gulf Still Oily? Scientists Discover Alarming New Evidence

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Is the Gulf still oily after the disastrous BP spill last April? BP says no, but scientists have found alarming new evidence pointing towards yes. In fact, the oil is not going away as BP claimed it would, it is actually killing life on the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico.

A video and images by a top scientist show the bottom of the Gulf is still oily. Marine scientist Samantha Joye went on a diving expedition to places she had visited over the summer when the BP oil well was spewing thousands of gallons into the Gulf. During her dive in December, she expected to find that the oil would be disappearing or at least there would be less of it than during her previous dive. There wasn’t.

There is no way that BP can deny the oil is from their well as most of it is chemically finger-printed, which means it is absolutely 100% from the BP spill that destroyed the lives of so many this past year.

During her presentation to other scientists, Joye showed images of oil-soaked marine life. Some of it has suffocated on the oil, others just died because the oil covered them. It wasn’t just one creature that may have been more susceptible to the oil, either. The images ranged from dead crabs, to saw tube worms. All dead and all due to the Gulf oil spill. Isn’t that disgusting? It makes you wonder if it will ever truly clear up completelyThis Dec. 1, 2010 photo provided by the University of Georgia, made from the submarine Alvin, shows a dead crab with oil residue near it on a still-da.

Of course, there are those who say that the oil will be cleared up and the Gulf fully restored by 2012, but Joye does not agree with their findings.

 “I’ve been to the bottom. I’ve seen what it looks like with my own eyes. It’s not going to be fine by 2012,” Joye said. “You see what the bottom looks like, you have a different opinion.”

The public has moved on from the issue which plagued most of 2010, however, it is not completely resolved. It’s not surprising to hear that it is taking much longer than we’ve been told for the spill to clear up. There was between 1.5 and 3 million gallons of oil released into the ocean, that will take a very long time to go away. In the meantime, though it can’t be seen on the surface, the oily residue still continues to kill off or sicken thousands of marine creatures. It’s a sad situation which will only get better when everyone involved is held fully accountable.

Photo credit: Samantha Joye

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