GUMBY Creator Art Clokey Dies At 88 of Natural Causes (See Episode Here)

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Art Clokey, 88, creator of the green bendable claymation character Gumby, died in his sleep on Friday at his home in Los Osos, CA.  Clokey has been battling continuous bladder infections before he passed away.

According to Wikipedia, Gumby appeared on 233 t.v. episodes that continued for 35 years.  Gumby’s sidekick, Pokey, is a talking pony that Art Clokey voiced many times.

Clokey created Gumby while he was a student of Slavko Vorkapich at Universtity of Southern California.  Clokey’s wife Ruth helped inspire Clokey into creating Gumby.  Gumby is based on the Gingerbread man and is green in color because it was Clokey’s favorite color.  The shape of Gumby’s head was actually based on the hair style in an old photograph of Clokey’s father.

Gumby appeared in movies as well as becoming a video game in 2005 for the Game Boy Advance called Gumby vs. the Astrobots.  Toys of Gumby were also available for sale.

Full episodes of Gumby can be watched on YouTube as of March 16, 2007.

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