Gun Control Advocates Rewrite Hitler’s View on Guns

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Gun control advocates are up to their old tricks again, rewriting history in order to make it seem as if Adolf Hitler did not ban guns in Germany. And as always, they twist things to their own point of view and totally miss the point. While Hitler may have allowed Germans loyal to the Nazis to have guns, he took them away from those who opposed him, like the Jews. And everyone knows what happened to them.

This controversy began when the president of Ohio’s state school board used a photo of Adolf Hitler to demonstrate her opposition to new legislation restricting guns. But the liberals could not take this lying down and quickly began to rewrite history to favor their side in the debate. Of course this meant that they had to make it appear that Hitler and his Nazi henchmen were not opposed to guns and in fact did not ban guns in Germany. How any liberal in America could, with a straight face, twist Hitler’s actions for their own political purposes is unimaginable, but they are doing it.

For example, one all-knowing academic, Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago, stated that the Nazi’s gun laws “completely deregulated acquisition of rifles, long guns and ammunition.” He also seemed to defend Hitler’s actions as not being anti-gun by pointing out that the Nazis lowered the age for gun ownership and extended the length gun permits were valid. But, like all liberal academics, they seem to forget some major facts along the way; primarily that these laws allowed guns only for those Germans that were loyal to the Nazis, all others had their guns confiscated.

This is a major point that Harcourt happens to leave out: that the Nazis took guns away from people they planned to persecute. While concentrating on the Nazi’s treatment of native Germans, and completely ignoring their treatment of those they planned to eliminate, Harcourt makes it appear as if Adolf Hitler did not restrict guns. And if the liberals can rewrite history to make Hitler look good, they can neutralize a major historical fact against their argument.

Let’s face facts, Adolf Hitler restricted the private ownership of guns in Germany for everyone he planned to persecute. Only the people he wanted to eliminate had their guns confiscated because then they couldn’t resist his Nazi storm troopers. Those who supported his ideology could have all the guns they wanted because they were no threat. Liberal academics and other elites can twist the facts, focus on specific aspects, and leave out the full story all they want, it will make no difference. Americans like their guns and will not give them up without a fight.

All Americans who truly understand the history of this nation know that only with guns in the hands of private citizens will the government have to do what the people say. Democracy only works when those in power listen to the people, but in America they are increasing turning a deaf ear to those who elect them. The political elite, aided by those in academia and the media, are setting themselves up as a political ruling class. But there is one thing standing in the way of their complete subjugation of the American people: the Constitution of the United States.

This is why liberals in American constantly want to “re-interpret” the Constitution—to make it appear as if they are not illegally imposing their ideology on the American people. But ultimately the founding fathers, fearing just such a political takeover, inserted the ability for Americans to defend themselves against it: the Second Amendment. This amendment gives the people the right to keep and bear arms, not only to protect themselves against criminals, but to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. A government like the one the founding fathers took up arms against and won their freedom.

So if Adolf Hitler’s success in confiscating guns from those he later murdered can be twisted to make Hitler appear as if he were not so bad when it came to guns, the liberals can steal another victory from the side of freedom. And it may make it easier to impose similar gun control restrictions on Americans, or certain Americans. Of course liberals and their bodyguards would probably be exempt from gun restrictions, after all, like those who supported the Nazis they will not have to obey the same laws as the rest of the people.

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