Gun Control in Colorado First Step in Total Gun Ban?

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Gun control seems to be the Democrat’s new crusade in their constant effort to appear as if they are governing effectively. But a new measure in Colorado, aimed at restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves, is a demonstration of the ineffectiveness of democratic policies. While responsible Republicans argued with the emotionally motivated, “feel-good” liberals, the Democrats rammed through a series of measures that gave the appearance of being able to stop future massacres.

But as Republicans argued, none of the measures passed by the Democratic-controlled state senate would have stopped the recent mass shooting in a suburban Denver movie theater, or the Newtown massacre last December. But logic could not prevail against the emotionally charged Democrats who desperately wanted to appear as if they could solve the problem.

Senator Mike Johnson, Democrat from Denver, summed up his party’s main argument while simultaneously demonstrating their lack of knowledge on the subject when he stated, “We can’t get back the kids we lost, but can refuse to send them more.” By invoking those lost in a senseless tragedy, Mike Johnson demonstrated how his party is more interested in playing with the public’s sympathies. But then, by promising that this legislation would guarantee that no child in Colorado would ever be killed by a gun again, he and his Democrat allies are using the sympathy they garnered to trick people into giving up their Constitutional rights.

And the worst thing about this claim is that Johnson and his fellow Democrats know that these measures will not stop a single criminal from committing a crime with a gun. Criminals do not follow the law and these new laws will not be followed by criminals, therefore, no criminal will be stopped by these new restrictions on guns. So why do it? Two reasons: firstly, so that Johnson and his Democrat friends can appear as if they are governing effectively, and secondly, to take incremental steps that will ultimately lead to a total gun ban.

This is the dirty little truth that no Democrat will state publicly, they want to take away all guns and leave the American public defenseless. Somehow they believe that taking guns away from law abiding citizens will make the streets safer. Even after decades of a total gun ban in Chicago, the streets of that fine city are some of the most dangerous in all the country, and maybe the world.

Thirty years of a complete gun ban has turned the streets of a major American city into the wild west with dozens of shootings and deaths each and every week. Yet, liberal Democrats continue to push their gun control nonsense that has been proven to be wrong and dangerous. These types of knee-jerk, emotionally charged reactions must be resisted at every opportunity and with every tool available. Democrats may feel that they have the upper hand politically and therefore can force through their ridiculous laws, but the American political pendulum will swing back in favor of freedom and responsibility. When such a time comes, the American people need to have some freedom left to enjoy.

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