Gun map taken down by Journal News

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The Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato asked the Journal News to remove their “gun map” in light of the recent New York gun law that was passed, and the news outlet has complied WND shared on Friday.

The county clerk sent a letter to the attention of Janet Hasson, the publisher of the Journal News, who published the controversial map in December. Piperato stated in his written correspondence that “In the spirit of the SAFE Act and to safe guard the exemption afforded gun permit holders in Rockland County, I request that you remove the interactive map and any information which depicts the names and addresses of gun permit holders in Rockland County from your website.”

It didn’t hurt Piperato’s chances of getting what he asked for when it came to light that yet another burglary has taken place at a home listed on the interactive gun license map.
Deliberately targeted? Burglars stole two handguns at a second home that featured on the controversial gun map published in December

That makes two homes burglarized after the map was made public. But lest anyone think Janet Hasson had a change of heart due to the clerk’s request or common sense; think again.

The Washington Post reports that Hasson never made any mention about Rockland County’s clerk contacting her when she issued her statement about removing the gun permit holder map, nor did she mention that Piperato gave her a legitimate way to save face when removing the gun map. Instead, Hasson chose to issue a statement devoid of that information, presenting Piperato’s diplomatic “New York gun law reason” as if it were her own. It wasn’t. She only agreed to remove the gun license map after getting his letter, as proven by the date and time she took the map down: Friday at 5 p.m.

The gun law in question was passed on Tuesday, so Janet Hasson had three days in which to make her statement and remove the gun license map on her own, before getting the Rockland County Clerk’s letter. But she didn’t. And it appears that not only did she dawdle about removing the dangerous map after the first burglary victim resulted…and the second—and the passage of the new gun law—but she also isn’t woman enough to admit it took the clerk to motivate her to take it down at all.

Hasson’s statement issued on Friday was as follows: “With the passage this week of NYSAFE gun law, which allows permit holders to request their names and addresses be removed from the public record, we decided to remove the gun permit data from at 5 p.m. today.”

Hopefully one of the burglarized firearm map victims will educate the news lady on the finer points of civil trials once their burglar is caught and fesses up to using her gun license map to find their target. It might be the only way to encourage her to rethink her “public service” policies in the future, since she isn’t keen on admitting when she’s wrong, or changing course very quickly once she knows it. Instead, The Post says she reemphasized on Friday that “We remain committed to our mission of providing the critical public service of championing free speech and open records.” And your personal home safety be darned, she should have said.

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