Gun Rights: Who Knows What You Have

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As crazy as it sounds, Mexico may infringe on your gun rights. The Mexican congress voted to ask the United States to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in the border states. Will they provide it, and how? Sure, is anyone thinking ‘Fast and Furious’? Maybe Mexico can work on finding all those guns from the failed (supposed) attempt to lead the ATF to higher up drug cartel members first? Gun owners in Arizona don’t seem too happy about the idea when asked by KPHO. California might be fine with the idea, but running it by Texas and Arizona won’t go so well!

The measure was actually approved back in January. Mexico claims it’s to help them keep better track of guns used in violent crimes. Big problem, the Mexican government is corrupt! How can the United States citizens trust them to use the information legally? Frankly, they have no right to the info anyway. People in Arizona and Texas don’t have to register their guns, so how would the U.S. even provide such a list? If the U.S. agrees to do this, who’s next? What’s next? The timing certainly seems fishy given the current attacks on gun rights by the Obama administration.

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