Gun Violence in New Orleans Second Highest in the World?

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A recent article in The Atlantic breaks down gun violence in American cities comparing the number of homicides per 100,000 to homicides in proportionately-sized countries around the globe. According to the data, if New Orleans were a country, it would rank second in the world with 62.1 gun murders per 100,000 people.

Gun enthusiasts will argue this isn’t an accurate comparison. They tend to be conservative minded and not very good with numbers. The data doesn’t lie.

The data shows that Newark, NJ and Miami, FL are comparable to Columbia in gun homicides.

Another article published by Business Insider last month shows another chart. This article attempts to prove a correlation between the United States having the highest gun ownership in the world AND the second highest gun homicide rate.

House Republicans cannot possibly look at the numbers and say with a straight face that America’s gun laws are fine. Just this past weekend there were five “accidental” shootings at gun shows for “Gun Appreciation Day.” One guy shot himself in the hand while reloading his gun in the parking lot! Another left a bullet in the chamber after the clip was removed and the gun went off inside the event hitting his friend. These are the responsible gun owners that say they could have taken down James Holmes in that Aurora theater before he killed anybody. Hmmm… your odds of winning the lottery are probably better than one of these putzes saving your life with their gun.

The numbers prove that America has a gun problem. Congress is supposed to pass laws for the greater good of society. Fewer guns equals less gun violence.

Image Source: Martin Property Institute/Atlantic Cities

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