Guns N’ Roses & Axl Rose Sued for Close to $2 Million

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Axl Rose is being sued by Front Line Management Company, because they feel they are owed the cut of money they were promised back in 2008. Front Line Management made a deal with Guns N’ Roses to get a cut of all their profits to the tune of 15%; however, the management company has yet to get paid…anything.

The Guns ‘N Roses World Tour and Axl Rose has profited from touring a total of $12,470,000 during the time they spent going to Asia, South America and Canada. The Front Line Management Company feels they are owed a whopping $1,870,500.

Now this is all according to TMZ and they say that they have been trying to get a hold of Axl Rose or any of the Guns N’ Roses representatives or band members and no one is answering any calls. I wouldn’t either. I would hit ignore, if I was famous and TMZ was calling me. However, TMZ has never called me and I am not famous. Thank goodness!

Now I want to know why on God’s green earth has Gun N’ Roses racked up almost $2 million in touring profits. Are you kidding me? Why are we paying our athletes are celebrity artists that much stinkin’ money. People are starving…does anyone care? Why do these celebrities have to have such humongous houses and live so high on the hog?

What a waste! These celebrities are worshipped on pedestals until on the day they fail in the limelight and then they are grounded into the ground, but while people worship them money is thrown at them like they are Greek gods. Something is wrong here! What do you think? Am I over thinking?

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