Gutter Politics in Colorado

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Billboards in the Denver area are depicting Democrats Ed Perlmutter, Joe Miklosi, and Sal Pace in pictures next to President Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What’s the message? Apparently, the message is supposed to be that Democrats are supportive of Ahmadinejad and higher gas prices.

Many Coloradoans interviewed by local news say they don’t even understand what the message is supposed to be or that it doesn’t resonate with them. Miklosi calls it “gutter politics” to put his and the president’s picture next to a known terrorist who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Tyler Houlton, the president of Compass Colorado, is responsible for the ads and admits that they are meant to “get people excited” but contends that it is accurate to compare these Democrats to the Iranian president.

Houlton was a guest speaker at a Tea Party event in March, titled “CCM-Denver with Tyler Q. Houlton,” and is on Tea Party candidate and incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman’s staff. Coffman has received the most campaign money from big oil companies, following contributions from his super PAC. Wonder if he’s ever heard the expression, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

If Houlton wants to make accurate billboards, the only faces showing should be Ahmadinejad and Mike Coffman. Better still, perhaps the Tea Party should investigate their facts a little better and find that crude oil prices are actually falling and hit a new low today at less than $95 a barrel. What a waste of advertising money by those big oil companies trying to smear the Democrats.

Coffman, better start saying goodbye to your oil buddies because there’s going to be a new sheriff in town after November. Sheriff Miklosi.

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