Guy Fieri of ‘Minute to Win It’ Involved in Heated Custody Dispute

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Guy Fieri, chef extraordinaire and host of Minute to Win It, has landed himself right smack in the middle of a fairly heated custody dispute. It involves his nephew–the son of his sister who passed away back in February.

According to TMZ, Fieri’s sister Morgan died of cancer in February. Since that time the grandparents of 11-year-old Jules–Fieri’s nephew–petitioned for guardianship, saying the boy shouldn’t be living with his biological dad.

Last week, however, Fieri’s parents (the boy’s grandparents) were denied custody, and the court ruled that they needed to hand custody of Jules over to his father, Dain Pape.

So how is Guy Fieri involved? Well, it goes something like this. Jules is presently camping with his grandparents and his Uncle Guy. They’re reportedly in a remote lake location somewhere in Northern California, and there supposedly isn’t any telephone access. Therefore it appears like the Fieri side of the family isn’t aware of the judge’s ruling.

Really? How can someone like Guy Fieri be without access to a phone? Between the network, producers, an agent and a manager–it seems more than likely that someone would need to contact the chef and game show host at least once or twice while he’s away. It’s quite likely he needs internet access as well–and could undoubtedly be informed of the decision that way, too.

Is Fieri hiding his nephew away so his dad can’t take custody or is he simply trying to afford the boy some quiet family time before his dad–known for living out of a travel trailer and having no job–takes him away from the life he’s grown accustomed to over the past several months.

Guy Fieri certainly doesn’t appear to be the kind of guy who would laugh in the face of the law, so most likely it’s the second scenario that’s in play. Of course it is entirely possible that he truly is sans phone or internet access while camping, but that really does seem like a bit of a far-fetched notion.

What do you think? Is Guy Fieri hiding his nephew from his dad and the court’s decision or simply trying to provide the best for the boy for the short amount of time they have left with him?

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