Gwyneth Paltrow Signs Record Deal With Atlantic Records

Gwyneth Paltrow has officially signed a $900,000 record deal with Atlantic Records!

The newly inked deal will have the Country Strong actress recording her first full length album for release on Atlantic’s label.

Her album will be strongly rooted in the country-pop genre, but she’s also expressed a desire to record with Jay-Z, who is a friend of hers and her husband Chris Martin. Sounds like a bit of an eclectic mix, perhaps a crossover album recipe, but either way it’s likely a recipe for success.

If it seems odd to see an actress ink a deal with a record company, think again. Paltrow has slowly been showing her chops in movies through the years. Most recently she starred in two episodes of Glee and sang at the Grammys with Cee Lo Greene.

With a little bit of luck, her country singing career will be Country Strong, just like her movie was. It’s also likely that her husband will be helping her through her official musical debut. She’s in good hands with him and Atlantic at the helm.

Will you be waiting to listen to her music debut? Are you planning to buy the album when it’s released? Weigh in below.

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