Gym-Pact Fines Members for not Going to the Gym: Will it Work?

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Gym-Pact actually fines members when they don’t go to the gym. The is a site that is similar to Groupon. The group negotiates discounts to yoga studios and fitness centers for its customers.

People sign up for Gym-Pact, and they commit to attending the gym a certain number of days each week — the minimum is one. If somebody misses their commitment, they pay a $10 fine or motivational fee.

Would this really motivate you to workout? It seems like it could work because people are already paying for the gym membership, and then it costs an additional $10 per time missed. Those fees could add up after several misses. It could certainly help make a difference on those days when you might consider ditching for no good reason.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in doing? Right now Gym-Pact is only available in the Boston area, but it seems like an idea that could spread throughout the major cities in the U.S.

Gym-Pact Fines Members for not Going to the Gym

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