Hackers and Syria: Syrian Leaders Make Hacking Easy with Weak Passwords

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A weak password is an invitation to hackers and internet criminals. Quite frankly, just as you secure your home, car and office to deter criminal activity, the same should be done with your e-mail or account passwords. This is a very elementary principle known to even the least savvy of internet users.

According to reports, officials of the Syrian government left the administration open and vulnerable to hackers when they used the numbers “12345” as their e-mail passwords. Not only is this number combination easy to guess, technology experts recommend one use a combination of numbers, letters or even characters to create a more secure password. Additionally, these leaders should never have used or duplicated the same password. Instead they should have each had a unique one.

Even though these officials should have known better, the Syrian government ought to have had a system in place to avoid such errors. Even small corporations and non-profits have technology experts on staff to advise about passwords and to even monitor staff computer activity. Some computer programs have also been created to require strong passwords within a computer network.

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