Hackers Attack Apple Security: Are You at Risk?

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Hackers have launched an attack on Apple security. Is any of your data at risk from this latest cyber security breach? On Sunday, the hacking group tweeted that they had hacked into Apple’s secure server.

Hackers Attack Apple Security: Are You at Risk?The Twitter message from @AnonymousIRC said, “Not being so serious, but well: #Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec.”

The hacker group posted a document with thousands of usernames and passwords in it to the Internet. For Independence Day, the group warned of a “birthday present” in a tweet that said, “Preparing a nice gift for the US’ birthday today. But no promises yet as we value quality over a rushed release. Stay tuned. #AntiSec.” What could this be? Hopefully nothing terribly devastating to U.S. citizens especially on this most patriotic of holidays.

What will Apple do about this security threat? So far the iPad giant has not released a statement about the breach. The hack did not affect iTunes accounts, so that is something that customers can breathe a sigh of relief over. At this point, this breach hasn’t been as bad as this year’s PSN hack at Sony.

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