Hailey Dunn Story Thickens: Nancy Grace gets It Wrong

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The missing 13-year-old Texas girl, Hailey Dunn, has still not been found. As time goes on, however, controversy and conflicting stories are starting to rise. HLNÂ’s Nancy Grace adds to the issue by not checking information broadcast on her show Thursday night.

Searchers are still working the woods for the girl but have found no clues as to her whereabouts. However, in the mean time, the investigation of her disappearance thickens as new information becomes known. Recent polygraph tests are providing conflicting stories about who passed and who failed. Texas authorities have made public statements to dispel rumors started by the Nancy Grace show on Thursday.

Billie Dunn, the girlÂ’s mother, went on air for Nancy Grace saying she and her former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, both failed polygraph tests. Hailey DunnÂ’s mother further stated her home was searched by officials for the first time Wednesday night. Evidently, Nancy Grace or her staff failed to cross check the womanÂ’s statements before airing them.

Texas Department of Public Safety senior trooper, Sparky dean, told local TV station KTXS on Friday that no one has been told whether they have passed or failed a polygraph test. Dean also said the home has been searched three times since Hailey’s disappearance on Dec. 27. To complicate things even more, KTXS claims it has been told by family members that at least four different people have failed the polygraph tests.

The 13-year-old west Texas cheerleader has been missing since December 13. She reportedly told her mother’s boyfriend that she was leaving to spend the night with a friend. Hailey never made it to her friend’s house and the friend denies having made any such plans with the girl. The fact Shawn Adkins is the only one who can attest to Hailey DunnÂ’s statement seems very suspicious.

The article by the Abilene TV station goes on to explain why media (including Nancy Grace) may report erroneous information without knowing the true facts. Describing short deadlines and the stress to get stories out quickly, it almost sounds apologetic. However, it would seem normal for a TV show to at least ask authorities about the results of polygraph test and report the response.

The case of Hailey Dunn, is for now, an ongoing mystery. The involvement of a motherÂ’s boyfriend in the story indicates there is more to be learned. Will the truth ever come out? You would have to be from a small west Texas town like Colorado City to know that the truth often has many versions.

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