Hailey Glassman to Reveal All on The Insider [video]

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Tonight Hailey Glassman goes on The Insider to reveal all the inside scoop of her relationship with Jon Gosselin.  It is a two part interview beginning tonight, where Glassman reveals Jon has “mantrums” and can be emotionally abusive.  Hailey is 22-years old and this crazy guy is probably her first serious boyfriend, and he was married at the time their relationship began!  Just that fact says this relationship is bad news.

Ever since she started dating Jon Gosselin her life has changed.  She is now in the public eye being scrutinized and judged on everything she does–especially being called a home wrecker.  Hailey seems to be oblivious to the fact that she did play a part in ending the marriage of Jon and Kate.  The marriage was doomed from the first taping of their show, however, dating a married man. . . come on Hailey, what do you expect people to think?

After all the tears and drama Hailey says she sill loves Jon and wants to be with him.  Hmmm this sounds a little bit like a publicity stunt.  Not surprising seeing who she is dating.  I can bet Jon put her up to this, probably to rake in the extra cash because his stock is falling fast.

On the insider she claims she is “misunderstood.”  I don’t know, should we give her a chance?

Watch the Insider Preview here.


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