Hair Aside, Donald Trump For President

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All kidding aside, Donald Trump is a businessman, a good businessman.  He has the spoils to prove his talents.  He continually denies that he wants to run for President.  But, he may be starting to change his mind.

Donald Trump says the country needs him and he may have no choice but to run for President.  Although he says he really doesn’t want to, because he enjoys his life as it is, but he will think about running for President.  That’s what he told Joy Behar Wednesday on CNN’s sister station, HLN.

Donald Trump is not only known as a shrewd businessman, but a TV star as well with his reality show, “The Apprentice”.  He has a beautiful former wife and a beautiful current wife.  His kids are not only good looking, but they are smart like their daddy.

Trump said he is embarrassed when he hears people talk negatively about America.  He feels like this country, America, is not getting the respect it deserves, as reported by CNN.

If, and that’s a big if, Donald Trump decides to make a run for the White House he will make his decision by June.  What would it hurt if Donald Trump was President?  How much worse off could we be?  Maybe he can get jobs for our unemployed workers.  Maybe he can get the economy moving in a positive direction.  Maybe he would even get a haircut!

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