Haiti Population in New York Wants to Volunteer In Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

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Haiti population in New York is second only to the number of Haitians in Haiti itself. The Haiti population in New York wants to volunteer in Haiti to help the devastated victims. The first earthquake in 200 years, the New York Haiti population is finding it might be difficult to travel to volunteer in Haiti.

The New York Times reports Elsie St. Louis-Accilien, director of Haitians Americans United for Progress based in New York, stated, “It’s very much different from anything we’ve ever lived through. We had floods, we had this here, that there. But this is the largest, all different areas hit.”

The Haiti population in New York is pulling together. By noon today, it is clear to see much of Port au Prince is destructed. Bedford Haitian Community Center executive director Joseph Dormeus estimates 90 percent of the Port au Prince population is now homeless.

Dormeus said, “What makes it worse is Port-au-Prince is the center of the country. Port-au-Prince was there to help. But when Port-au-Prince is affected, the whole country will be paralyzed. So the challenge is not only to provide help to the population but the government, because the government is very, very affected.”

Dr. Stephen Carryl is a surgeon at Brooklyn Hospital center to regularly goes on medical missions. He is arranging to a trip to Haiti in the next couple of days. Communication is greatly cut off but Dr. Carryl will attempt to send a team of two or three people. “Getting there is the priority.” Read more about those who want to volunteer in Haiti at the New York Times.

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