Haley’s Seventh Birthday Cake : Photos

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As I’m sure most of you know, each year my children get to choose what kind of cake they want for their birthday, and then I try my best to make that cake for them.  The cakes aren’t always perfect, and the night before birthdays often finds me in the kitchen, covered in food coloring and icing, silently cursing cakes and frosting and cake decorating, but the looks on my kids’ faces the next morning when they see the cake their mommy made just for them makes it all worth it.

Haley turned seven years old yesterday (May 9th), and this year’s cake choice was a Littlest Pet Shop cake.  I found a neat idea online that Haley thought was cute, complete with pond, house, shrubs, and slide, so we went with it.  And let me tell you it was probably the hardest cake I’ve made up to this point.  Getting that house to stay together was a fright!!  This year’s cursings weren’t so silent!  LOL


Didn’t realize that the one Littlest Pet Shop character had fallen over when I took the photos!

The cake is two 9×13 strawberry cakes.  (Haley requested strawberry this year.)  The icing is buttercream tinted green and pink.  The house is graham crackers, mini M&Ms, icing, and melted candy stuff to hold it all together.  The sidewalk and slide are those sour thingers.  The pond is more melted candy stuff with swedish fish.  The shrubs are melted candy and Nerds.  The slide is another sour thing, graham cracker bottom, chocolate coated pretzels, and marshmallows all held together with more melted candy.  The sides of the cake are gum drops.  The entire thing is edible except the toys, which I bought brand new so they were part of her gifts.

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