Halle Berry’s Newest Stunt

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This one is just unbelievable! By now, you have heard about the Thankgiving Day ‘brawl’ at Halle Berry’s house. Gabriel Aubry, male model of ultimate hotness and father of Berry’s 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, went to drop her off at her mommy’s. Mommy’s creepy boyfriend, actor Olivier Martinez, still reeling from a L.A. County Family Law judge telling him and Berry to step off, tells Aubry “We have to move on.” As in “We have to move on….to France”? Who knows? Whatever it implied, it pissed off Aubry who took a swing at Martinez but only connected with his shoulder. It looks like Martinez then beat the hell out of him. Aubry’s face is a mess and he has a broken rib. Martinez has a swollen hand and like Aubry, went to the Cedars Sinai Hospital Emergency Department…an hour after Aubry, and the couple actually brought Nahla!

PhotobucketBerry, who loves to talk about how abused she’s always been, decided she just had to move to France with Martinez because of stalkers and how ‘dangerous’ the paparazzi is to Nahla (her fiancé is from France, but that has nothing to do with it, really). Her decision coincided with Aubry suddenly becoming some kind of horrible monster. There was children services involvement, a child endangerment investigation, courts, police, etc. Aubry, who for some reason wasn’t keen on his child being ripped out of his life, fought back. Earlier this month, the judge finally ruled in his favor. No, Ms. Berry, you won’t be yanking your kid away from the daddy she clearly adores, sorry! Suddenly, there’s the turkey day fight, where Martinez mouths off to Aubry. Berry has complained about Aubry’s ‘anger issues’ before, he’s even taken anger management courses! Is it a big leap to suggest Martinez and Berry knew he would snap? Aubry gets arrested (misdemeanor battery) and an emergency court order is issued stating that Aubry must stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and, of course, Nahla.

So, what does the terrified-of-the-paps Halle Berry do on Friday? What lots of parents do on a day off, she took her daughter to a show, ‘Yo Gabba Gabba!‘ to be exact. Guess how she arrived? In a black security SUV surrounded by four, yes FOUR L.A.P.D. motorcycle officers! She also had bodyguards with her. C’mon now, Halle, seriously? Was she thinking Aubry was planning a full-on terrorist attack? Maybe a kidnapping plot? If it was out of fear of her stalkers, she’d always have that kind of security detail…oh no, this was done for people to see. Perhaps she just couldn’t resist all the extra paparazzi camping out in wait. She knew they were there because very early Friday morning, Martinez took a trip to a local liquor store, sans bandages on his hand. The paparazzi camped out at her digs all night.

PhotobucketHopefully, when a judge reviews the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) on Monday, he/she will drop little Nahla from it, but it’s pretty unlikely. With Aubry’s admission of anger issues (he has never hit Halle or Nahla), which supposedly is a problem with yelling, not too many judges will take a chance. Almost certainly, Berry’s lawyers will be ready, papers in hand, to request that move to France again, if not at that hearing, very soon after. Berry obviously isn’t concerned with what is best for Nahla. Judging by article comments that are overwhelmingly in favor of Aubry, he has the public’s support. But, unless the judge has a side job at TMZ, it won’t help in the courtroom on Monday.

Photo credits: US Weekly (Aubry) and HelloBeautiful (Martinez/Berry)

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