Halloween Costumes 2012: Popular Costume Ideas and Choices a Specialty for Illusive Skull

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With the Halloween costumes for 2012 starting to pop up in retail stores around the nation as well as online, one specialty store is gearing up for the holiday season. The Illusive Skull is hoping its selection of popular costume ideas for the upcoming October 31st celebration will once again mean big business.

This year’s popular Halloween costume ideas for adults include the likes of movie heros such as Batman, Avengers, SpiderMan, and other superheroes. There’s also the classics that never seem to go out of style, as well as dressing up as various musicians, TV stars, and even inanimate objects. Some may even opt for dressing up as their preferred presidential choice for 2012 with a Barack Obama or Mitt Romney mask. Finding those costumes can be the tough part, since adults want to make sure they don’t look the same as the rest of the Halloween crowd.

One store which loves the Halloween holiday for its “fun factor” is The Illusive Skull Costume Castle. The store is located at Morgantown mall and specializes in quality costumes, with its doors open only in September and October. The Illusive Skull, recently profiled by The Daily Athenaeum, is owned by Dennis and Pam Markel who say they offer their customers not only costumes, but memories as well. One of the big draws to this particular store is the fact that the staff helps customers find unique items to complete those traditional costumes, so they stand out at a party or event. Pam said of their staff:

“Our staff’s not just people who want to sell you something. They care about what you look like, but they’re not going to sell you something you don’t need.”

Not only does the store offer a helpful staff but also a free haunted house featuring a maze of lights and frights. Owner Dennis Markel created it himself and it’s offered free to customers. Many of the huge chain Halloween costume stores or retailers don’t offer that sort of service, or experience. When it comes down to it, it’s stores like The Illusive Skull that really put the fun into the Halloween costume selection process as well as the holiday itself, making it that much more memorable.

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