Halloween Crafts~ Fun and Easy Family Craft for Kids

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The kids love making things and I decided we needed to do some crafting for Halloween so a few weekends ago I dug through my supply of scrapbook paper, buttons, glitter, pompoms, pipe cleaners, and yarn and decided we were going to make some Halloween themed decorations to give grandparents and well just for fun because we needed something to do :)

We made pumpkins, witches, and spiders.   


The spiders we layered two circles so that we could glue the “legs” aka pipecleaners in between so that there was less of a glue mess on the outside.  Then I let them go to town with the glitter and buttons and everything else to their hearts content, until they decided each masterpiece was finished. 

these were Maddies:

The pumpkins we just cut the pumkin body and then the shape of a stem and they added buttons, or glitter or whatever they wanted to them.


The witches we used yarn for the hair and cut hats and faces from the paper, my son was done by this point, but even after we finished these my daughter was ready to make something else, but we had spent over an hour and it was time to start cleaning up the mess


and Charlie made all of these:


All in all it made for a fun Saturday afternoon with the kids!   Plus you just need a few supplies and a lot of imagination, nothing has to be perfect, you just have to have fun doing it :)  Plus the gluing and placing buttons and such on the glue dots are helping with fine motor skills in the little ones who still need some practice.

If they are too young to cut the shapes them selves you can do it for them, use different scrapbook scissors for a fun edge on your creations :)



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