Hamas Rockets into Israel Diminished by MSNBC: They ‘Rarely Do Damage’

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Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was being interviewed by MSNBC’s Mara Schiavocampo, when she diminished the constant bombardment of rockets from the Gaza Strip by stating that they “rarely do damage.” This statement is a clear and sickening example of the skewed coverage and media bias in relation to the ongoing attacks by Hamas.

Israeli Victim Was 25 Year Old Mother on Way to Mumbai Terror Attack Memorial ServiceOn Thursday, a 25-year-old pregnant mother of three, Mirah (nee Cohen) Scharf, and two men, Ahron Smadga and Yitzchak Amselam were killed by one of these rocket strikes, as reported by Chabad Labavitch World Headquarters.

During the Saturday MSNBC interview, Oren explained that since 2009, there have been approximately 8,000 rockets fired into the small country. If Hamas continues to fire rockets, there is a possibility that the tiny country will be forced to start a war on the ground, which would be dangerous and tragic. Hopefully a ceasefire will take place.

Oren responded to a question about the “trigger” for a ground operation, “…If Hamas continues to escalate we will take the necessary and legitimate measures to defend our citizens.”

Mara Schiavocampo was not impressed.

She stated:

“Living under the threat of rocket attack is certainly a psychological trauma. But what would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective, they rarely do damage and that the response from Israelis is disproportional to the threat they’re under.”

Schiavocampo continued to infer that the reason for the increase in rocket attacks was not due to “growing extremism in the Palestinian enclave,” as was reported by Crispian Balmer of Reuters last month, but was instead a result of a failure in Jewish “policy.” Isn’t that like blaming a woman when she gets raped?

President Mohammed Morsi has been putting “pressure” on Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to agree to a ceasefire, but based on his previous statements, such as when he called the Jewish State a “brutal usurper of the Palestinian lands,” and that the country “has always believed that it is above the law. The only language they understand is force hence what is taken by force must be restored by force,” his “pressure” may be a bit on the mild side.

Thankfully, President Obama agreed that the Jewish state has a right to protect herself. While in Thailand, he stated, “There’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders…” He further acknowledged that the rockets being fired from Gaza has been the “precipitating event.” It is quite simple really. If Hamas and other radical Palestinian groups continue to fire rockets, this will escalate.

Watch the MSNBC Interview here:

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