Hamptons KIlling of Ted Ammon Gets New Twist

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Danny Pelosi, the sleazebag convicted in the Hamptons killing of romantic rival Ted Ammon, is now saying his accomplice was the actual murderer.

This new version of events from Pelosi would have been believable a decade ago, but why is he now pointing the finger at co-worker Chris Parrino? Because he is about to file an appeal, that’s why.

After stewing behind bars for several years, Pelosi should have come up with a better tale than this. He is saying Parrino beat investment banker Ammon to death, while he remained outside. Of course, this is the exact opposite of what Parrino claims.

Pelosi didn’t do himself any favors after the murder by lying repeatedly to investigators. In addition, he and Generosa Ammon, Ted’s estranged wife, ran to Great Britain in the wake of the Hamptons killing.

Pelosi was convicted of killing Ted Ammon in East Hampton in October of 2001. The Hamptons murder captivated the nation for many months, but it’s strange the matter is now back in the news.

“Generosa wanted revenge,” he told ABC News in a jailhouse interview. “She wanted revenge because of that baby. … She went berserk, berserk, out of this world insane.”

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