Hand Grenade Attack in Belgium Leaves 4 Dead

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Holiday shopping met horror today as a man armed with multiple hand grenades and an assault rifle attacked shoppers in Place Saint-Lambert square in Liège, Belgium leaving 4 dead and 123 wounded.

The hand grenade attack occurred in the busy entrance to a downtown shopping street and caused hundreds of shoppers to run for their lives in hopes to escape the explosions and bullets. The deceased include two teenage boys ages 15 and 17 and a 75-year-old woman. This tragedy could not come at a worse time with Christmas only twelve days away.

Terminus St-LambertThe attacker was also killed in the explosion and officials have identified him as Norodine Amrani who was 33 years old and Liège resident. Amrani has previously served jail time for convictions involving guns, drugs, and sexual abuse. Not quite the model citizen, huh?

The Interior Ministry does not believe that Amrani’s motive behind the hand grenade attack involved terrorism. However, he was summoned for a police questioning on Tuesday. Perhaps his attack on the square was his decision to take himself out as a self-imposed “last stand” against the police. Who knows—but if it was, it’s a rather selfish way to avoid going to a police questioning.

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