‘Hangover 2′ Actor’s Famous Father Connection: Who is Mason Lee Related to?

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Hangover 2 actor Mason Lee has a famous father. Just who is this newest member of the wolf pack related to? Lee’s father is Ang Lee, who is an award-winning director. The director’s film credits include Brokeback Mountain; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; and Lust, Caution.

'Hangover 2' Actor's Famous Father Connection: Who is Mason Lee Related To?In The Hangover Part II, Mason Lee plays Ed Helms’s future brother-in-law, Teddy. In the hilarious sequel, Lee plays a smaller role than the other stars, but his role is pivotal. While the actor has a famous father, he said that his true inspiration for acting came from Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Isn’t that interesting that he came from such a famous father, but it was these incredible actors who influenced his decisions?

Does Mason Lee get naked in the Hangover 2? Nope, he managed to keep his clothes on, which is one piece of advice he got from his famous father.

Have you had a chance to see the sequel to the most successful comedy of all time? If so, what did you think of the newest wolf pack member? Do you think you’ll be seeing this famously connected actor again? It seems likely considering his father is a director, and Mason Lee is actually talented in his own right.

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