‘Hangover 2′ Movie Execs in Court: Possible Injunction

With Hangover 2 set to hit theaters this week, the top executives of Warner Bros. Studio seem to be taking a lawsuit very seriously today. Back in April, S. Victor Whitmill filed suit against the movie and the studio over a tattoo on Ed Helms’s face which he claims is a replica of his original work, therefore making them liable for copyright infringement. Whitmill is also looking for an injunction to stop the film from coming out. Can a tattoo be copyrighted? This is not so much a frivolous case as it is an unprecedented one.

Mike Tyson at SXSW 2011.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, “The studio dispatched two of its top executives to St. Louis on Monday to testify during a four-hour federal court hearing on whether a judge will issue an injunction preventing the planned Thursday rollout of the highly anticipated comedy sequel.”

Hangover 2 is almost here, and knowing that it may not actually be shown, does not bode well for the studio, especially as they are doing a lot of mass promotion, as well as have the film already on its way to movie theaters to be shown. The potential loss of income is not just for the people behind the movie, but also the movie theaters will be losing out as well.

If this lawsuit actually wins, then how many more lawsuits will happen in the future? So many stories are similar, who’s to say that someone won’t use this lawsuit as a precedent?

What do you think? Is this a frivolous lawsuit or valid? Would you be ticked if this movie does have an injunction?

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