Hank Johnson’s Guam Comment About Guam Sinking is Not Funny

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Today Hank Johnson was laughed at all over the Internet when he said, “my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

People made fun of him, but I just read that Hank Johnson is very ill with Hepatitis C.  Perhaps his ridiculous comment comes from how he feels and not what he actually thinks. 

The U.S. Navy plans on sending about 8,000 troops to Guam.  The island of Guam is 212 square miles, and 8000 men will not sink the island, but after reading about the Democratic from Georgia’s medical condition and the fact that he recently lost 30 pounds, and suffers from terrible fatigue, we might be more understanding of his comment.

Perhaps he is is sinking.  I had a doctor tell me once that she was sure I had a brain tumor.  She died six months later of a brain tumor.

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