Hanna and Masons Closed: Why? Did Gordon Ramsey Have Something To Do With It? [VIDEO]

Hannah and Masons in Cranbury, NJ is closed.

Hannah and Masons is a BYOB restaurant. The restaurant is in an old house on Main Street in Cranbury.

Hannah and Masons has been described as a romantic dining atmosphere. It boasts polished wood floors, dim lighing, softly painted walls, and white linens.

Chef Gordon Ramsey and his Kitchen Nightmare staff helped Hannah And Masons in Cranbury NJ. Hannah and Masons appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s show “Kitchen Nightmare.”

Gordon Ramsey is being blamed by some on Zagat.com for causing the restaurant to fail by changing the menu too much and outpricing the patrons. Most of the Zagat.com reviews appear favorable.

Perhaps Hannah and Masons will re-open sometime soon, so that people can enjoy thier dining experience again.

See the video below to watch the entire episode of Kitchen Nightmares that featured Hannah and Masons.


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