Hanoi Jane is at it again!

As if Jane Fonda, better known as Hanoi Jane and spoken of as “I’m not fond -a Jane is at it again. She just doesn’t get it. Neither do the producers who chose Hanoi Jane to play Nancy Reagan.

Yes, I wll not watch the movie. Jane Fonda, Hanoi Jane, hasn’t changed. She continues to insult veterans and tells them to “Get a LIfe.” It is Jane Fonda who says with one face that she is ashamed of her Anti-American actions during the Vietnam War, and now, she thinks she can play Nancy Reagan with a cast that includes other anti-Americans such as John Cusack.

It doesn’t matter! As long as her movie does not make any money from my generation, I will be pleased. She has every right to make a movie about Nancy Reagan, but I want to know when she gets her trial as traitor to her county. Have a good movie Hanoi Jane.

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