Happy 37th Birthday to Kate Gosselin!

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Kate Gosselin, star of canceled reality TV shows Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus Eight turns 37 years old today, March 28th. Happy birthday, Kate! The former reality star has come under much scrutiny these past few months for trying to market herself and her children, although most of her plans have failed.

According to a report from Radar Online, despite these minor setbacks, Kate has one thing that’s most definitely working in her favor–and that’s her ever-evolving bikini body. SheKate Gosselin for President may not have a TV show. She didn’t even manage to get a radio show. Instead she’s touting cents-off coupons via a couponing website. But Kate has one incredible bikini body, and some day, somehow, it will no doubt make her some dough.

‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman recently posed topless in an effort to pay her rent, and she doesn’t look anywhere near as hot as Kate looks, so there are lots of hope for the mom of eight. She may one day market this bikini body and find her latest claim to fame.

Even though some people negate Kate Gosselin’s bikini body because of cosmetic surgery performed following the sextuplets’ births, you have to give the girl credit for maintaining her svelte physique. It’s not like she went under the knife and then spent the next few years stuffing bon bons in her face while watching game shows. She works out faithfully. She’s become an avid runner. She’s even taken on marathon running, for goodness sake!

Yes, Kate may have had some initial help in sculpting her bikini body but she deserves lots of credit for keeping it that way. You can check out some incredible bikini shots of Kate Gosselin by clicking here.

So Kate, take heed. Even if you don’t find your way back into reality TV and even if the next book you try to market flops–you still have that hot bikini body to fall back on when times get tough. So keep on running. Keep up those grueling workouts. Andkeep those mani-pedi appointments, too. You wouldn’t want to be caught in your bikini without both sets of nails looking polished and pretty!

Happy birthday, Kate! May this be the year that your soar back into stardom–even if it’s to grace the pages of a questionable magazine.

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