Happy 5th Birthday Jr!

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           Sunday was my oldest grandson's birthday.  Happy 5th Birthday Jr!  I had previously written an article concerning his mom's decision to cancel his Chuck E Cheese party.  His behavior in school has not improved so she felt it best to stick to not one but two small family parties.  Seems like a good reward and not really a deterrent to me.  I believe her decision on the punishment had more to do with an adult disagreement over the party's location than an actual punishment.  I don't appreciate being lied to and manipulated and strongly feel that is what this decision was about.  Why two parties?  Jr's Daddy's family did not want to have to trek the two miles across the city to attend the one party at my home.  Yet none of them offered up their home as an alternative. We have no issues with Jr's other relatives and have always welcomed them to any gatherings at our home. My daughter and Jr live with Jr's dad at his mom's apartment.  Kenny, Jr's dad did not even come to the party at my home.  The excuse was he had to work in the am, shoveling snow.  I think it is awesome that he is working but wish he would learn to cover his tracks a bit better.  His boss's daughter attended the party and kept mentioning how the guys only worked in the am. We also barely received two inches of snow. It does not take a genius to understand something else was going on.  Brandie finally claimed that Kenny's mother was concerned about being left alone all afternoon with the seven year old nephew, who also lives in the apartment.  Need I mention this child was more than welcome to attend the party.  There seems to be many behind the scene actions going on  and few truths being told.  It doesn't sit well with me.



      Today's party proved that it doesn't take much to bring happiness to a young child. My daughter was low on funds but managed to buy the basic party supplies, cake, chips, punch, soda and ice cream.  What more could a child want?  Throw in a few cousins and friends and it is party central. Some people go all out and produce treat bags and party games. This party lacked those but there are always tons of toys hanging around.  I loved watching the  children use their imaginations and make up games for the assorted toys that we have.  They are so creative. The snow also added to the fun when Jr snuck outside dragging a young girl with him.  They quickly gathered up a bucket full of snow to bring it inside for a fun impromptu snow ball fight. Some adult may have started the fight by pointing out  Aunt Lauren has being the perfect target.  Cry baby I missed her by a few feet.  This activity was frowned upon by the other adults.  I saw no harm in it.  It melts!  All good parties center around food and this was no exception.  The adults seemed impressed with the Iron Man figure on the cake…guess the kids like it but they were more concerned with quickly eating it and getting back to playing.  Jr happily posed with the candle numeral 5 for me and if you notice in the pictures he wore his own party hat. Brandie also did not provide balloons but in this house party stuff hangs around forever or until popped.  I had hung up balloons for Michaela's birthday a few weeks earlier and a few still lingered.  They were put to good use by the children.  Glancing around, I  see one that they missed. Luckily we even still have a birthday banner hanging up from Michaela's birthday in 2007.  Some people like to be reminded of their birthday all year round.  I am curious to see just how long this banner lasts.  One year later and the banner is still going strong.  A small damper was put on the mood when we convinced Jr that it was time to open his presents. The pictures are evidence of some of the creative play the children were indulging in.  Notice Jr's apparel. He is usually reluctant to pose for photos and was giving his mom a difficult time.  I mentioned no playing until I had some good pictures. The pictures speak for themselves.



    The start time of the party was supposed to be 1:00 pm, late arriving guests ensured that it was the party that never ended.  By 4:00 pm most guests had departed but my daughter's two friends lingered with their two children. How can three children create such an incredible amount of noise?  Around 5:30 my daughter finally announced it was time for her to head to work and Jr to head home. This was my husband's cue to race down the stairs to give her the ride she needed.  On his way out the door he tossed me the bottle of Advil he had been nibbling on all day.  I needed a few as an appetizer for supper.  Children are great reminders that silence can be a wonderful thing.


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