Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan — You get a punch in the face

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As Lindsay Lohan was celebrating her 24th birthday Monday night at the club Voyeur, a waitress working there punched her in the face. What a birthday. I look at Lohan as a girl who got everything she wanted at a young age, and wasn’t denied anything when she was growing up. A little time in the real world might do wonders for Lohan, with no entourage, no enablers. Why would you want to punch her? She’s harmless and just needs to get our of Hollywood for a while.

Actress Lindsay Lohan made her way out of Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood, California where she celebrated her 24th birthday with a few friends. Lindsay was out with her SCRAM bracelet on which lead to a sober birthday celebration. Lindsay took to her Twitter to report that a waitress punched her for no reason, what really happened? Lindsay's actual birthday is Friday July 2, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

According to TMZ, the waitress allegedly punched Lohan because she saw her with her ex-boyfriend, Danny Cipriani, with Lohan at the club. If she has a reaction like that, it seems Cipriani is better off without his waitress ex-girlfriend. Scary. Naturally, Voyeur is almost certainly going to fire the waitress. Apparently she doesn’t realize no man is worth losing your job and reputation — and self respect.

Lohan sometimes has the tendency to blame other people for her mistakes, but I’m Team Lindsay on this one. She was the innocent bystander as a jealous ex-girlfriend went on a rampage.

Will Lindsay Lohan press charges against the waitress?

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