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Forty-five years ago today I became a mother.



Looking at you, my longed-for miracle in miniature,

I was overwhelmed with joy, heart-piercing and pure,

I felt awe mingled with fear-God trusted me

To parent you, so precious, so helpless, so tiny.


Unconditional love was yours right from the start;

I had carried you not in my body but in my very heart.

                                         You were my most-cherished dream finally come true.

                                          Everything I had always needed I vowed to give you.


                            That day was the happiest I had ever known,

                            As you tipped the balance from house to home.

                            With eyes of hazel and hair of spun gold,

                            You commanded my heart , owned my very soul.

 ©2012 Alice Grimes


Today I thank God that your birth mother chose life and

that our Lord chose your daddy and me to raise you.  I know

we did many things wrong but we must have done enough

right because you have matured  into a son to be proud of.


You are Godly man and a loving and tender daddy to your

own precious daughter.  You work as hard as anyone I know

and you still find time to serve God and help others, too.

You have handled adversity with grace and walked out the

faith you profess.


So on this your 45th birthday, I celebrate your life and pray

that God will meet every need and bless you with soul peace

and lavish you with joy.  I trust Him to do this because God is

the Father Who loves like a mother.


Infinite love,



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